What Will People Think?

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Do you want to fulfill your dreams? If yes, then the next question should be ‘how-to-move-ahead’, but is it really the next question you ask yourself? What about the numerous fears that precede this valid question like ‘What-will-they-think?’, ‘Should I?’, ‘Is it okay?’, ‘What about my image?’, ‘How will it look to other people?’ And at last, you crush your own dreams. That’s the choice most of us make. Isn’t it? 

This is a tale about one such middle-class family, the Guptas. In spite of being a member of such family, Riya chooses to follow her dreams. During her unconventional journey, her family disowns her. Will she be able to fulfill her dreams? Will the Guptas ever realize how one shouldn’t be afraid to do something just because of the fear of what will people say? Will the family reunite?

Along with Riya, find out the answers to your most dreaded fear and experience the freedom to live inside out!

The Heart Affair



Just Friendship or an emotional affair? Does cheating on your partner only mean being involved with someone ‘physically’ outside your relationship? The biggest threat to relationships these days is ‘Emotional Infidelity’ and it certainly is more toxic and dangerous if you don’t realize the thin line between ‘friends’ and ‘just friends’!

Exploring the above questions, I present to you all a short story ‘The Heart Affair’ in the form of a series. It tells the tale of Reeva who had a perfect marriage in all aspects but something crucial was missing in it. Soon enough, she comes in touch with her old friend and things start turning rosier. Will she cross that thin line? Will Abhay realise the glitch? Will they get a chance to save their relationship?


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Fasten your safety belts, and get ready for a high voltage roller-coaster ride!! 

Era of Yahoo chats, 2004. Riddhi desires nothing more than an average life. But a ‘Ping’ from Aarush changes her course of life. Although both are poles apart, yet unknowingly seeking one common thing — ‘their life path’. And the journey begins with falling in love! 

But will they make it to the end? Are two highly incompatible individuals capable of filling the gaps in each other's imperfect life to make it perfect? Is being in love much more than 'forever togetherness'? Can love help you to realize and fulfil your innermost desires? Begin your ride with ‘Ping!’ to know more.