From the book 'The Heart Affair'

  1. Compliments are the catalyst for people, but the greatest compliment that you can give to a person you love is your undivided attention and your eagerness to listen to what they feel. It is the easiest as well the rare gift you could ever give to your loved ones.

  2. Sometimes a person cannot understand the pain of the other person until he undergoes the same himself. Few things in life cannot be concluded in words. The act of being ignored and left unappreciative by a person, who means the world to you, sometimes results in changing the course of your life.

  3. When someone never takes you seriously, but you are always ‘there’ for that person, it is quite hurtful. The more you avoid such emotions, the more they keep on popping up before you. Reeva was experiencing a similar process. The more she tried to accept that it’s all in her mind, the more such things kept showing up. Now it was becoming difficult for her to accept false facts.

  4.  And not to forget that most of the disagreements and complaints in any relationship happen because of the unsympathetic tone of voice.  

  5. Nothing is always rosy, but it could be made so with constant efforts and small attempts with the aim to always hold on to each other. The grip should be just okay, not too loose, not too tight! Sometimes, even the way we try to be with another person could suffocate him/her or could isolate him/her.

  6. It’s better to remember that whatever you say is not only absorbed by other’s mind but by their heart as well. Instead of being a critic, being an encourager helps.

  7. Beginning of any relationship is easy but being in it needs continuous efforts always. You cannot stop being in it if you want to cherish it forever! Make your own rules for your relationship, as there are no generalise definitions that exist but the personalised ones that define you!

  8. Every relationship has its share of ups and downs. It is up to the people involved in it to value their bond and convert imperfections into perfections in their personalised way. 

From the book 'What Will People Think?'

  1. Just waiting for the good to happen on its own does not seem like a perfect strategy anymore!  

  2. They were crushing her present dreams for the sake of giving her a bright future. But in this race, they forgot that the future is uncertain. All we have is today. With hopes and dreams, a bright future can be defined, not by killing the present.

  3. People have their own definition of success. The more you try to fit in the parameters set by other people, the more that scale gets raised. It is simply pointless to even make that scale a base for measuring one’s success.

  4. True friends always have your best in their hearts, and they always go to undefined extents to help you in every way they can.

  5. It's nothing to do with what dream we have. The society always needs one topic or the other for constant criticism. Some people fall prey to it and some might not.

  6. I mean that every person has their own set of dreams. And we should be allowed to follow them irrespective of what the ‘should-be’ definition says.

  7. Sometimes people who are not close to you offer such insight into your life that is untouched by the people you know well. Maybe because such strangers don’t know much about your life, so they are usually of non-judgmental kinds or maybe because you are not much bothered about what they feel about you.

  8. Maybe this is what is called ‘the cost one has to pay for their dreams’. Nothing is free in this world!

  9. The unconventional people or things are always protested against in the beginning. But eventually, the right things make their own space.

  10. First I have to accept and be proud of my uniqueness, and then everyone else will follow. 


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